Greenbelt Master Plan

Photo of a farm in the greenbelt, with a man silhouetted in foreground
A farm in the Greenbelt

The NCC’s Greenbelt Master Plan guides the preservation and evolution of the National Capital Greenbelt. Through planning we can continue to enjoy the Greenbelt’s ecological, social and economic benefits now and in the future. The Greenbelt Master Plan is part of the larger Plan for Canada’s Capital.

What the Master Plan Does

Master plans guide the planning, development and management of areas in Canada’s Capital Region. They set a common understanding of how capital lands are used now and in the future.

The Greenbelt Master Plan describes the purpose of the Greenbelt and its roles at a national and regional level. It also outlines the values that should be used when making decisions about the Greenbelt. The roles and function of each unique area within the Greenbelt is also defined in the master plan, with directions for their long-term use and development.

The Greenbelt Master Plan sets policies for:

  • a connected system of natural lands
  • protected views
  • visitor interpretation
  • a recreational pathway system
  • sustainable farming and forestry
  • research and high-technology campuses.

Regular Reviews

The Greenbelt Master Plan was adopted in 2013. Every 10 years the NCC will review the plan to ensure the continued protection of the Greenbelt.