Visitor Information

Photo of evergreen trees and a bog
Dawn breaks in the Greenbelt

The Greenbelt, on Ottawa’s doorstep, is a rural environment rich in natural and historic resources. It offers a mix of sights and sounds from rolling farmlands to peaceful forests and wetlands that shelter a wide variety of plant and animal life. Head out and explore the Greenbelt for yourself!


The Greenbelt surrounds Ottawa and extends from Shirley’s Bay in the west to Green’s Creek in the east. The region is subdivided into six conservation areas:

See the National Capital Greenbelt All Seasons Trail Map for the location of each conservation area.


It is free to visit the Greenbelt’s six conservation areas and there are no fees for most activities in the Greenbelt.


Free, year-round parking is available throughout the Greenbelt. Parking lots are marked on the National Capital Greenbelt All Seasons Trail Map.


There are outhouses by many Greenbelt trails. The locations are indicated on the National Capital Greenbelt All Seasons Trail Map.

Universal Accessibility

In the Greenbelt, Trail 30, Trail 31, the Sarsaparilla Trail and the Mer Bleue Bog Trail are universally accessible. All Capital Pathways are also universally accessible. The exception is during the winter when snow is not cleared from the trails and pathways.

Guided and Self-guided Tours

Take a self-guided tour along one of the Greenbelt’s interpretive trails.

You can also guide yourself with one of these brochures:

Safety and Conservation

The Greenbelt holds six conservation areas. Please respect the rules in place for conserving these outstanding natural resources. This includes the animal regulations.

There are also many farms in the Greenbelt. Stay on the paths to avoid damaging farm crops.