Self-Guided Tours in the Greenbelt

Photo of a boardwalk over one of the Greenbelt's protected marshlands
Explore the beauty of the Greenbelt

See and learn about the Greenbelt’s diverse natural eco-systems by taking self-guided tours at Stony Swamp, Pine Grove and Mer Bleue.

Stony Swamp

At Stony Swamp interpretation panels are located along the Limekiln and Jack Pine trails. Take these boardwalk trails and encounter a heritage kiln, beaver ponds and beaver dams.

The Old Quarry Trail is a 3.1 kilometre trail where you can learn about the unusual geology of this area. Use Old Quarry Trail: The Making of a Landscape as your guide.

Washrooms There are outhouses by the Jack Pine and Old Quarry trails.
Parking Free, year-round parking is available. Park in lot P10 for the Limekiln Trail, lot P9 for the Jack Pine Trail and lot 5 for the Old Quarry Trail.

Pine Grove

Learn about trees types and forestry in the Greenbelt. Guide yourself along the interpretive forestry trail and visit the tree-identification arboretum, which are on trail 43.

Washrooms There is an outhouse by trail 43.
Parking Free, year-round parking is available at the P18 parking lot.

Mer Bleue Bog

At Mer Bleue Bog, take the 1.5 km interpretive boardwalk trail to learn about this internationally important bog. Learn more with Mer Bleue Bog: A Special Place in the National Capital Greenbelt.

Washrooms There are bathrooms by the Mer Bleue Bog Trail.
Parking Free, year-round parking is available at the P22 parking lot.
Picnic Areas There is a sheltered picnic area by the Mer Bleue Bog Trail, at the P22 parking lot.
Universal Accessibility The Mer Bleue Bog Trail has a boardwalk that is universally accessible.

For more information see the Greenbelt’s visitor information.