Snow Biking in Gatineau Park

Snow Biking in Gatineau Park (Photo : Francis Tétrault, Vélo Québec)
Snow Biking in Gatineau Park (Photo : Francis Tétrault, Vélo Québec)

New this winter, as a pilot project, Gatineau Park snowshoe trails 64, 65, 66 and 67 will be open to snow biking (winter mountain biking, also known as “fat biking”). The National Capital Commission is responding to the growing demand among snow biking enthusiasts. Only winter bikes equipped with tires at least 9.4 cm (3.7-in.) wide will be permitted.

The 10-km long trail varies from moderate to difficult, and is for cyclists accustomed to rough terrain. The main trailhead is P1 (Asticou) parking lot. See map

View trail conditions.

You’ll need a pass to access the trails. The rates are the same as snowshoe pass rates. You can purchase a daily or season pass. The season pass entitles you to exclusive benefits and discounts. Cross-country ski passes are also accepted.

Rules and Code of Ethics

  • Wear your pass in plain view.
  • Yield to snowshoers. You have them to thank for the hard trails you use.
  • Keep off cross-country ski trails, except at designated crossings, and yield to skiers.
  • Avoid locking your rear wheel (skidding) on downhill runs; the ruts left behind can damage the trails.


  • Required outdoor temperature: 0 °C or less
  • Required depth of snow cover: 5 cm (2 inches) or more
  • Recommended tire pressure: 10 PSI or less
  • Get off the trails:
    • If your tracks are deeper than 2.5 cm (1 inch);
    • If you have trouble steering in a straight line;
    • If you have to walk your bike up small, easy hills.

Be courteous, and respect other Park users.

If you have comments or questions about winter biking in Gatineau Park, contact us.

You can also visit the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association website.