Rock Climbing in Gatineau Park

Climb the Eardley Escarpment at Gatineau Park where there are 64 climbing routes. These routes are divided on five rock faces. Stay on those routes to protect the Escarpment ecosystem and species at risk.

Rock Climbing Locations

You can rock climb in the following locations:

  • Home Cliff — Centre Wall
  • Twin Ribs — Down Under, Eastern Block and The Left Twin
  • Western Cwm — West.

Climbers must stick to the official climbing locations and open trails. See the map section for more information on the climbing locations and routes.

Be safe and have fun! See the Rock Climbing in Gatineau Park guide for safety tips.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is permitted in the Park under the following conditions only:

  • There is sufficient snow on the ground to move around.
  • There is ice on the climbing surfaces.

This way, climbers will not damage the vegetation on the ground, the climbing surfaces or on the rock itself.

Respect the Park’s Conservation Mandate

The NCC strives to balance ecosystem conservation and recreational activities in Gatineau Park. The geology and location of the Eardley Escarpment make it an exceptional ecosystem. More than 70 plant and animal species at risk can be found there, representing the highest concentration of species at risk in Quebec. One of these species is the peregrine falcon. During the breeding season, this bird nests on the Eardley Escarpment, and is very sensitive to the presence of humans. Help us to protect this species by respecting the signage on-site and sector closures. For more information about the peregrine falcon, see the pamphlet Be a Bird-Conscious Climber.

To limit the impact of rock climbing on this unique ecosystem, the NCC is working with the Alpine Club of Canada and the Ottawa–Gatineau Climbers’ Access Coalition. To ensure that rock climbing continues to be permitted on the Eardley Escarpment, please observe the following rules.

  • Use only official trails, and climb only on permitted routes.
  • Creating new routes is not permitted, and climbers must remain on the rock face (i.e. they may not access the top of the escarpment).

Those found breaking these rules will be subject to a fine (or other penalty).

Dogs and pets are not permitted at the Eardley Escarpment.

Washrooms There are dry toilets in the Luskville Falls parking lot, which serves the Western Cwm rock face.

Free parking is available at each site.

  • ​Western Cwm: park at the Luskville Falls parking lot.
  • Home Cliff: park on Crégheur road.
  • Twin Ribs: park at the end of Hôtel-de-Ville road.

For more information see Gatineau Park’s visitor information.