Picnicking in Gatineau Park

Photograph of man and woman sitting on picnic blanket in a sunny park
Picnicking in Gatineau Park

Take a break from your outdoor adventures at one of Gatineau Park’s 15 picnic areas. Enjoy the view from Étienne Brûlé Lookout, soak in the peacefulness at the wooded Penguin Picnic Area or relax on the shores of Philippe or La Pêche lakes.

Picnic Areas

The Gatineau Park picnic areas are free and most are accessible from mid-May to the first snowfall. Some picnic areas have barbecues that you can use. Bring your own charcoal briquettes).

Help conserve the Park. Make sure you collect your garbage before you leave. Do not feed wild animals (racoons, squirrels, etc.) — it is prohibited in the Park. Dogs and pets are not permitted in the Gatineau Park picnic areas.

Picnic Areas with a Barbecue (BBQ)

  • Church Hill Picnic Area
  • Dunlop Picnic Area
  • Mulvihill Lake Picnic Area
  • Old Chelsea Picnic Area
  • Penguin Picnic Area
  • Luskville Falls Trail
  • Breton Beach
  • Parent Beach
  • La Pêche Beach

Other Picnic Areas

  • Sugarbush Trail and Visitor Centre
  • Lauriault Trail
  • King Mountain Trail
  • Mackenzie King Estate
  • Wolf Trail (Blanchet beach)
  • Étienne Brûlé Lookout
  • O’Brien Beach
  • Blanchet Beach
  • Smith Beach (reserved for campers)

Help us protect Gatineau Park and leave no trace.

Washrooms Dry toilets are available at each picnic area.
Parking Parking is available near each picnic area. See the Gatineau Park Summer Map for details. Vehicle access fees apply at beach parking lots.
Universal Accessibility All picnic areas and dry toilets are universally accessible, with the exception of those at: Church Hill, Luskville Falls Trail, Wolf Trail and O’Brien Beach.

For more information see Gatineau Park’s visitor information.