Geocaching in Gatineau Park

Photo of two people consulting GPS during a geocache treasure hunt
Geocaching in Gatineau Park

Are you an adventurer seeking treasures in the great outdoors? Geocaching is a great way to discover Gatineau Park. Respect the Park’s conservation mandate to help ensure that visitors can continue geocaching in Gatineau Park.

The following rules apply to geocaching in Gatineau Park.

  • A geocache must be close to official trails (less than 3 metres away).
  • No geocaches are allowed within the Park’s integral conservation zone (which includes the Eardley Escarpment).
  • Caches must be placed at least 15 metres from lakes, waterways and wetlands.
  • Geocaching is not permitted in the area surrounding Pink Lake, which has a very fragile ecosystem.

The NCC is working with the members of to relocate the caches currently within Gatineau Park’s integral conservation zone.

Please help protect the Park, each time you visit. Leave no trace.

Washrooms Many parking lots have washrooms. See the Gatineau Park maps for details.
Parking Parking lots are located throughout the park. During the summer there is a vehicle access fee for parking at the beaches and the Mackenzie King parking lot, but all other parking lots offer free parking. Parking is free in the winter.

For more information see Gatineau Park’s visitor information.