Dog Walking in Gatineau Park

Photo of a man walking his leashed dog.
You can walk your dog on many Gatineau Park trails

In Gatineau Park, you can walk your leashed dog on 94 percent of the trails from spring to fall. Of the 165 kilometres of hiking trails, there are only 10 kilometres on which dogs are never allowed. There are three trails in Gatineau Park that you can use when walking your dog in the winter. There are no off-leash areas in Gatineau Park.

Year-Round Dog Walking

You can walk your leashed dog on the following trails at any time of year:

  • Sugarbush Trail (Chelsea)
  • Lauriault Trail (Mackenzie King Estate)
  • Pioneers Trail (Hull sector of Gatineau)

April 15 to November 30

You can walk your leashed pet on most marked, officially recognized trails from April 15 to November 30. The only exceptions are the three trails (10 kilometres) where dogs are never permitted.

No Dogs or Pets

Dogs are never permitted on the following trails. They have fragile ecosystems that need to be protected.

  • Pink Lake Trail
  • King Mountain Trail
  • Luskville Falls Trail

Also, dogs are not permitted at the beaches, picnic areas and campgrounds.

This restriction does not apply to people accompanied by service dogs.

Help us protect Gatineau Park and leave no trace.

Washrooms There are dry toilets by the Sugarbush, Lauriault and Pioneer trails, as well as in many other locations in the park.
Parking Free parking is available throughout the park.
Universal Accessibility The Sugarbush and Pioneer trails are universally accessible.


The NCC has animal regulations in place for dogs and pets on NCC property. Please ensure that you are familiar with the rules. You may be fined if you break them.

You must always pick up after your dog. The Park’s on-site garbage bins are not for animal waste. For ecological reasons, we suggest that you take it home and flush it.


A small guidebook called The Waterfall and Lauriault Trails has been published by the Friends of Gatineau Park. You can buy it at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre and at the Mackenzie King Estate when the museums are open.

For more information see Gatineau Park’s visitor information.