Scenic Lookouts

Photo of cyclist at Champlain Lookout, overlooking the Canadian Shield
Champlain Lookout

Do you wish to explore Gatineau Park by car or bike? Enjoy stunning views of the Ottawa Valley from scenic lookouts along the Champlain and Gatineau Parkways.

Champlain Lookout

Champlain Lookout at the top of the Champlain Parkway offers the best known and most popular view in Gatineau Park. It’s a bird’s-eye view from the Gatineau Hills over the Ottawa Valley.

This lookout is atop the Eardley Escarpment, 335 metres above sea level. The view is unique because it shows two of Canada's major geological formations side by side: the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. A series of interpretive panels describes the geological events that have shaped this landscape.

If you’d like to stretch your legs while you stop at Champlain Lookout, there is a 1.2-kilometre walking trail that runs along the edge of the Eardley Escarpment. The trail is sloped with a change in elevation of 15 metres. You can learn about the Escarpment’s trees by reading interpretation panels along the trail.

Étienne Brûlé Lookout

The Étienne Brûlé Lookout, also on the Champlain Parkway, offers a stunning view of the Ottawa River. The area is a popular picnic location and connects to hiking and mountain biking trails.

Huron Lookout

The Huron Lookout is the first lookout you’ll see when driving up the Champlain Parkway. From this place on the Eardley Escarpment, you can see the Aylmer section of Gatineau and Ottawa’s west end.

Pink Lake Lookout

The Pink Lake Lookout is on the Gatineau Parkway near the Park’s southern entrance. View one of the most mysterious lakes in the Park and learn about its interesting ecology. If you’d like to explore further, there is a trail around the lake.

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Washrooms There are dry toilets at the Champlain and Étienne Brûlé Lookouts, and by the Pink Lake Trail.
Parking Free parking is available at each lookout. There are two parking lots at Pink Lake — those who are hiking around Pink Lake should use the second parking lot, which is close to the trailhead.
Picnic Areas At the Étienne Brûlé Lookout you’ll find a number of picnic tables and barbecues (bring your own charcoal briquettes).
Universal Accessibility Each lookout is universally accessible, as are the dry toilets. There are universally accessible picnic tables at the Étienne Brûlé Lookout.

For more information see Gatineau Park’s visitor information.