Guided Tours for School Groups

Guided Tours for School Groups
Guided Tours for School Groups

Gatineau Park offers free guided educational activities for school groups. Each tour is curriculum-based (see list below) and consists of a themed hike through nature with qualified nature interpreters.

These 90-minute activities are offered in English and in French. A dining room and lockers are available to students at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre.

A maximum of 60 students can be a accommodated per activity, with about 30 students per guide on the trails during the spring and fall seasons and 20 students per guide on snowshoeing trails during winter.

A nature interpreter can also come and do an activity in your classroom.

Reservations are required. Space is limited.
Reservations: 613-944-2898 or 1-800-461-8020

Guided Activities in the Park

Sensational Animals

Kindergarten to Grade 2, offered in October, May and June

Did you know that a red squirrel can smell a pine cone buried under four meters of snow? All animals rely on their senses to survive. In this experiential program along the Sugarbush Trail, students will play the role of some of the Park’s unique wild animals to discover first-hand how being able to see, smell, hear, feel and taste is key to animal survival.

Green Magic

Grades 3 and 4, offered in October, May and June

Join us as we explore the Gatineau Park forest and discover some of its distinctive plants: from the humble mosses of the forest floor to the stately trees that tower overhead. In this dynamic program along the Sugarbush Trail (1.6 km), students will discover the many ways in which plants meet their needs for survival

Dive into Diversity

Grades 5 and up, offered in October, May and June

Discover the beautiful King Mountain Trail (2.5 km) and its rich mosaic of habitats. As they hike from a shady hemlock grove to the top of the Eardley Escarpment, students will discover how different combinations of elements in a habitat shape the community of life that calls it home.

Life Below Zero

Grades 3 and up, offered in February and March

Strap on your snowshoes! Winter’s greatest animal and plant survivors have an incredible ability to adapt. Learn how their physical and behavioural characteristics allow them to overcome the challenges of winter. Students will join our nature interpreters in the forest near the Sugarbush Trail to hear incredible stories of survival, featuring the plants and animals of Gatineau Park. Snowshoes are provided.

Icy Insects

Grades 5 and up, offered in February and March

Don’t know what happens to insects in winter? Don’t let it bug you! Students will be introduced to insect life cycles, as they snowshoe in the forest near the Sugarbush Trail. They will learn how cold winter conditions affect insects and other invertebrates. Nature interpreters will also focus on the importance of species diversity and interconnectedness. Ant-icipate some winter excitement! Snowshoes are provided.

In Classroom

Gatineau Park Animals Tell It Like It Is

Grade 4, offered in November

This role-playing activity is led by a naturalist and takes place in your classroom. Dynamic, structured conversations reveal the issues that affect the health of all Park animals, as well as the many ways in which they are linked together. The aim of the activity is to convey the environmental values of conservation and protection for nature and wildlife. How can human beings help to maintain a healthy, ecologically balanced habitat for all living beings?