Code of Ethics

Gatineau Park

Developed by Gatineau Park users for Gatineau Park users.

Be courteous, and respect other Park users.

  • When you stop, move to the side of the trail to allow others to pass.
  • The left-hand track is for passing. Keep to the right-hand track, unless you are passing another skier.
  • Respect the tranquility and peace of the natural surroundings, and be considerate of other users.

Keep to the appropriate trails.

  • There are different types of trails for walking, mountain biking (shared trails), cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Please respect the other users and keep to the appropriate trail for your specific activity.
  • Pets are allowed on walking trails only, and they must be leashed.

Respect and protect nature.

  • Leave no trace: take away your garbage. 
  • Stay on marked trails. 
  • Leave what you find; leave areas, plants and objects as they are. 
  • Respect wildlife. 
  • Observe animals from a distance. 
  • Don’t feed animals.