About Gatineau Park

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Gatineau Park, the National Capital Region's conservation park, has many unique and diversified ecosystems and heritage features. It covers 36,131 hectares (361 square kilometres) of land and is located where the Canadian Shield meets the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Ottawa River meets the Gatineau River.

Just 15 minutes from Parliament Hill, the Park is a prime destination for visitors and residents alike. It is estimated that Gatineau Park receives over 2.7 million visits each year.

The Gatineau Park mission is to:

  • Preserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the Park;
  • Offer quality outdoor recreation experiences that are respectful of the natural environment;
  • Inspire all Canadians, visitors to Canada’s Capital Region and residents to respect conservation values, in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Park.