Public Consultation on the Plan for the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Riverfront Linear Park

Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Riverfront Linear Park
Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Riverfront Linear Park

A public consultation process is underway to develop a linear riverfront park along Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. This park will:

  • showcase the spectacular corridor landscape and views
  • highlight the Ottawa river’s heritage and ecology
  • reconnect people with the Ottawa River

We want your input!
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available until April 13, 2016.

What are the main ideas?

  • Better connectivity from local neighbourhoods to the shore with three new, at-grade signalized crossings
  • Three to six animation nodes at strategic sites to provide a variety of amenities for park users
  • Ecological restoration of the shore habitat
  • Better highlight the aquatic habitat with the construction of a boardwalk
  • Two parkway alignment options to facilitate mobility for all transportation modes and provide more park space on the river

Public Consultation Round 3

Building on input received from the public consultations held in 2014 and 2015, and from more detailed planning, landscape architecture and engineering expertise, the NCC wants your input on the updated draft concept for the overall park

Discover the Concepts and Demonstration Plans

Overall Concept

The vision of the linear park is to strengthen residents' and visitors' relationship to the nature, culture, beauty and spirit of the historic Ottawa River.

Overall Concept

On-water boardwalk at Deschênes

The plan proposes an on-river boardwalk parallel to the shore and linking the corridor pathways.

On-water boardwalk at Deschênes

Rochester Field

The concept aims to create safe and enhanced north-south connectivity from the communities across the parkway to the river, a strong landscape buffer between the urban edge and the park, and a new lookout on the river's shoreline.

Rochester Field
Rochester Field: The concept also aims to create a strong landscape buffer between the urban edge and the park.
Rochester Field: The concept also aims to create a new lookout at the river shore.

Westboro Beach

Two concepts aim to improve the views of the river, enhance public recreational amenities on the shoreline and the river, and transform the Atlantis site into a conservation center.

Westboro Beach
Westboro Beach

Parkway and Pathway Configuration (Island Park Drive to Carling Avenue)

The long term concept of reducing the parkway lanes from 4 to 2, between Island Park Drive and Carling Avenue, aims to reclaim more shoreline green space for park purposes, improve cycling and walking connectivity, provide more opportunities for safe public crossings of the parkway, reduce traffic to the posted speed limit, and restore the genuine vocation of the parkway.

This concept is a result of previous public consultations. The lane reduction is subject to further traffic studies with input from the City of Ottawa, more public consultations and would only take place once the LRT is functioning and the Queensway widening planned by the MTO is completed.

On-water boardwalk at Deschênes
On-water boardwalk at Deschênes

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