Site Visit and Information Meeting

LeBreton Flats
LeBreton Flats
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Proponents are invited to attend, at their cost, a non-mandatory site visit and information meeting.

Thursday, October 16, 2014, at 9:30 am EST
NCC Headquarters
40 Elgin Street, room 501, Ottawa, ON, 5th floor

The site visit will consist of a tour along Booth and Albert streets and Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. Proponents are encouraged to delegate a senior official to represent the proponent at the information session and site visit. Bus transportation to and from the Subject Site and 40 Elgin Street will be provided by the NCC for the site visit.

The information meeting will take place at the NCC’s Headquarters, promptly at 11 am EST. The scope of the requirements outlined in the RFQ will be reviewed during the conference and questions will be answered.



When registering, the name of the proponent and the names of attendees who will represent the proponent at the site visit and information meeting must be provided. The site visit shall be limited to two attendees representing each proponent. The NCC will record attendance and company name details for both the site visit and information meeting. This information could be shared with all proponents by addendum.

No questions will be answered during the site visit. Proponents will have the opportunity to submit their questions at the information meeting.

Proponents who do not attend the information meeting and site tour are not precluded from submitting a proposal for qualification.