LeBreton Flats: Results of public consultations

LeBreton Flats
LeBreton Flats

The National Capital Commission held a successful public consultation, from January 26 to February 8, 2016, to gather feedback on the proposals developed by the Devcore Canderel DLS Group and the RendezVous LeBreton Group.

The in-person consultation took place at the Canadian War Museum on January 26 and 27, and included an open house and presentations by both proponents, which could also be viewed online. Questions from the public were submitted in-person and online through social media channels. The public was invited to complete a survey on-site or online, to be returned by February 8.

The survey, conducted by Environics Research Group, included nine questions in total. As the majority of the questions were open-ended, text analytics was the selected methodology for reviewing and analyzing the responses submitted through the online consultation. In addition, verbatim comments were reviewed to ensure accuracy and provide a comprehensive view of the input received from the public.

Stakeholder consultation

In addition to public consultations, the NCC organized information sessions with members of the Algonquin First Nations and presentations of both proposals for 50 elected officials and their representatives.


Summary of public comments

Survey respondents were mostly pleased with proposals from both proponents, while expressing concerns about follow-through by the proponents.

Respondents also wanted to be updated and consulted on subsequent phases of the project. The following table includes the main highlights of the survey responses:

Strong points

  • The amount of green space and public space, design of an urban beach
  • Amenities, including grocery store, library and YMCA
  • Design of Canadensis walk

Could be improved

  • Inclusion of the car/automotive museum unaligned with the focus on the environment
  • Additional focus on green and public spaces
  • Concerns over the event arena if the Ottawa Senators will not relocate

Other comments

  • Questions regarding the proposal’s accommodation of parking and car needs, given stated plans around the LRT system

Strong points

  • The amount of green space and public spaces, green roof on the event arena
  • Prominence of the proposal’s event arena and focus on the relocation of the Ottawa Senators
  • Communal benefits, including the abilities centre, public library and affordable housing

Could be improved

  • Perception of an excess of high-rise buildings and developments
  • More land for green/environmental purposes
  • Too much emphasis on the arena as a “focal” point

Other comments

  • Discussion regarding the relocation of the Ottawa Senators including frequent mention of the franchise owner and his role in the proposal

The full public consultations report is available here.