Official Languages

The NCC, a Government of Canada Crown corporation, is subject to the Official Languages Act. All NCC programs and services are available in English and French, Canada’s two official languages.

The NCC Official Languages Program

The Official Languages Act contains three objectives that involve the public in general and federal employees in particular. These objectives, which form the basis of the NCC’s Official Languages Program, are as follows:

  • Members of the public must be able to communicate and receive services from the NCC in the official language of their choice (English or French).
  • NCC employees must be able to work in the official language of their choice (English or French).
  • The NCC’s workforce composition must reflect the full participation of both English-speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians.

The NCC’s official languages reports are available in the Reports and Publications section.

If you have questions or concerns about official languages at the NCC, please contact the Official Languages Coordinator at 613-239-5277.