NCC Board of Directors

Board Members

The NCC board of directors has 15 members, including the chairperson and the chief executive officer (CEO). Thirteen members represent the regions across Canada:

  • Five are from the Capital Region
  • Eight are from other regions of the country.

As set out in the National Capital Act, they are appointed by the minister responsible for the National Capital Commission, with the approval of the Governor-in-Council. The chairperson and CEO are appointed by the Governor-in-Council.

Roles and Responsibilities

The board’s main role is to oversee the corporation, and ensure that it meets its strategic objectives. This includes the following key responsibilities:

  • ensuring that the corporation’s resources are used effectively and efficiently;
  • monitoring, evaluating and reporting on performance;
  • fostering relationships between the NCC and other levels of government and the public.

Board Meetings

The NCC board of directors meets at least four times per year. Each meeting consists of an open, public session and an in camera session. The public is invited to attend the public meetings to observe. In camera sessions are attended only by board members and members of management to discuss matters that are confidential or that involve protected information.

Public board meetings are webcast live. Meeting agendas, minutes, and documents are also posted on the NCC website (see the Reports and Publications section).

Current Board Members