NCC Properties for Rent

The NCC owns several hundred properties in Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding region. Many are available for lease at market rates.

NCC Commercial Properties: Retail Space, Restaurants and Office Space

Most NCC commercial properties are in the ByWard Market area, especially along Sussex Drive. There are also commercial properties in the central business district along Sparks Street, including 100 Sparks Street.

NCC Residential Properties: Apartments, Houses and Farms

In Ottawa, the NCC’s residential properties are located in Ottawa’s ByWard Market and the Greenbelt. We also have residential properties in Gatineau Park on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. Farm properties are concentrated in the Greenbelt in Ottawa.

How to Lease NCC Properties

Since April 1, 2014, Inside Edge Properties, Del Management Solutions Inc. and The Properties Group Management Ltd. are handling NCC properties.

If you are interested in leasing residential or agricultural property from the NCC, please contact:

Del Management Solutions Inc.
1891 Merivale Road, Suite 100-B
Ottawa ON K2G 1E5
Tel.: 613-260-3416
Fax: 613-260-3566

If you are interested in leasing commercial property (except at 100 Sparks Street) from the NCC, please contact:

Inside Edge Properties
6 Antares Drive, Phase I, Suite 210,
Ottawa ON K2E 8A9
Tel.: 613-226-9902 ext. 232

For rentals at 100 Sparks Street in Ottawa, please contact:

The Properties Group Management Ltd.
Tel.: 613-237-2425