Access to Personal Information

The Privacy Act protects the personal information held by the federal government. It controls how the government collects, uses, stores, discloses and disposes of this information. The Act also gives all Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada the right to access any personal information about themselves that the federal government may have.

Individuals are entitled to request correction of this personal information, if they believe that there is an error or omission.

Requesting Access to Personal Information

To request access to personal information or a correction of personal information:

  • Print and fill out either the Personal Information Request Form or the Record Correction Request Form.
  • You may also write a letter stating clearly that you are requesting information under the Privacy Act or that you are requesting a correction to your personal information held by the NCC.
  • There is no charge to make a request under the Privacy Act or to request a correction.
  • Send the form or letter to the following address:
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
National Capital Commission
202–40 Elgin Street
Ottawa ON  K1P 1C7

Telephone: 613-239-5198